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Web Designing

Web Design is normally the first stage of any business looking to go online. At IDearays we have a team of professional web designers that will graphically design your website for you. At this stage your website is not a fully functional site, but an image of how your site will look. What we aim to achieve is to get the theme and the image of how your website to look perfect prior to development. We will design your site according to your requirements and present it to you in an image format.

Its important that we get the design stage of the project right, as this is what your users will see when they come to your site, it's the first image that counts, and a visual appeal will make all the difference, therefore we offer a unlimited revision on your design, to ensure that your site looks exactly how you want it, to portray the correct image of your online business.

Our web design experts harness all the aspects of the web page like the color scheme, ease of navigation, CSS (separating the design and content so that there is less clutter in the HTML code) and overall, use the real estate of the web page holistically to give the first right impression to the visitor who lands up on any web page of your web site.
This in turn ensures that the web design tries to take care of the profitable conversions of your marketing efforts as best as possible.

Why choose our company?

We use PHP as the main development language, and are proficient in developing WordPress webistes, blogs, Joomla, e-commerce platforms such as Prestashop, Opencart. We developers are experts in developing flash based or interactive sites. We web development ability has helped us to get more than 10 regular customers around the world.
Our dynamic web development projects include business websites, personal websites, e-Commerce websites, real estate websites, blogs, and flash interactive websites. We create stunning responsive websites using on HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery.
CMS (Content Management Systems) is a web based application that helps the user to edit the content online and publish easily. WordPress is the robust, light weight publishing solution. Our developers create top quality websites with Wordpress.

Our others web development and design expertises are:

  • Responsive Site
  • CMS Websites
  • E-commerce Sites
  • Website Maintenance

Responsive web design is all about coding and designing a site in such a manner that the website provides optimal user experience and simple navigation across varied gadgets right from desktops to Smartphone’s. Anyway, there are many myths linked with responsive designs such as trust that is costly. We give this service to our customers.

Content Management system is the most famous tool nowadays for maintain and developing a site. With its use any general website can be made to look custom and stylish design. Not only in terms of looks, as the title advice has this application made managing your sites content very simple.

Everyone has to face tough fight in e-commerce. Therefore it is very vital for an e-commerce site to contain the essential website design and specs that will satisfy internet shoppers. So if you are planning to come up with an e-commerce site, ensure it is worthy. You will not get many opportunities to impress the users. You have to hit the target in the initial few seconds of opening your sites or you are in the danger of being set away. Therefore for a victorious risk into e-commerce you need support from ecommerce website Development Firm such as iDearays.

When a site is launched, it is important that it should be maintained on a daily basis- whether weekly or monthly. Because if you a potential customer visiting your site see that it has not been updated in months, he will start to doubt your firm position.