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Rapid Courseware Development

The way a business works is they want to spend less than they earn without losing any of their reputation when it comes to e-learning, online learning etc. But is this possible and are organizations able to keep their professional and quality feel? Rapid e-learning helps them do just that and at the same time produce high quality rapid e-learning courses. Rapid e-learning empowers people within the business, for example a human resources can save money by delivering e-learning to train their staff, using rapid e-learning tools. Instead of having to deliver training again and again. Being able to respond to changes in the market quickly in a professional way is key to rapid e-learning success. Rapid e-learning has now become so advanced that whatever the content or objective is of the e-learning material, we always start by using a rapid e-learning authoring tool to develop the majority of my courses, without the need to go into expensive and time consuming flash and hard coded development which may require outsourcing.

Custom Courseware Development

iDearays' eLearning Services provides Custom eLearning Development form the Scratch. We develop online or eLearning course with rich media and authoring. eLearning has tremendous potential to bring change in organizations and individuals when done right.

The courses we develop attempt to provide engaging, meaningful interaction and prompt behavioral change. The backbone of our eLearning courses is solid instructional design based on well researched learning and multimedia principles. Our teams of experienced instructional designers rely on varied instructional design models and principles to create effective and ‘beautiful’ design. This experience and understanding of design principles has been forged and tempered over the development of hundreds of courses and leads to our unique instructional design approach.

Our courses are standards compliant and will run seamlessly on standards compliant systems.

Moodle LMS Customization

eLearning is growing and the experience with moodle is going to change the way you learn. Share resources, information, and learn via the internet, ON DEMAND! Everyone is talking about it!

Online learning hasn't been easier with moodle! Experience the power of open source products and implement this cost effective service with your organization. More info from moodle.org or contact us for a quote.